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Hello / Daisy Rey (from mommy to mommy )  Read >>
Hello / Daisy Rey (from mommy to mommy )
In college I was doing a presentation on sepsis, I came across your sons story. Since then it touched my heart, my teacher cried when I turned in my project. That was back in 2009 I still remember his story and it breaks my heart. I felt the need to just say I'm so sorry this happened to this precious child. My children will get the vaccine. Heaven did need your beautiful son. Thank you for sharing this with us. Close
Joy & Sadness  / Wanda DeVisser (just someone who happened on the site )  Read >>
Joy & Sadness  / Wanda DeVisser (just someone who happened on the site )
Lacey, I can't imagine how you must feel. But I know that God loves you and he loves Landan. Our loved ones are but a gift given for a short time. You obviously cherished every minute of every day with your little boy. He is beautiful and will wait for you when God is ready for you to meet Landan again. Have faith that God will get you through. Wanda DeVisser Close
Heartfelt condolonces  / Mummyof1 (None)  Read >>
Heartfelt condolonces  / Mummyof1 (None)
I cam across this site and wanted to say what an absolutely beautiful boy and what a fighter too. Gone far too soon to play with the angels. Rest in peace. Close
I visit Landan often...  / Jessica (Hernandez) Santibanez   Read >>
I visit Landan often...  / Jessica (Hernandez) Santibanez


I visit Landan's gravesite often.  My father Joseph Hernandez is buried next to him. 

My father was a wonderful man who was loved by many.  He always put his family first.  He loved not only his 5 daughters and 11 grandchildren but all children.  Where ever my dad was you could bet that kids would be near by.

When I saw that a little boy was laid to rest next to him I wept.  I cried for you and your family.  I can't say or do anything to ease the pain of losing Landan.  I just wanted you to know that he is in good company next to my father. 

I have two daughters Aliviah (2 1/2 year old) and Avah (15 month old). I take them to see their "Papa" often.  They have never met him any other way.  When we pass Landan I always say "Hello Landan my sweet boy!"  It brings tears to my eyes now that Aliviah also says "Hello my sweet boy" when we visit.  She even saves her happy meal toys to put on his gravestone.  We also include him and your family in our nightly prayers.

How you have dealt with your sorrow through this website and tributes has touched so many lives.  A little girl who was born two years after Landan's death knows him in her own little way.  Because of you he will forever live in the hearts of all who knew him and those who never had the pleasure.  

Happy Birthday Landan!

just a thought  / Anna Gonzalez (none)  Read >>
just a thought  / Anna Gonzalez (none)
i dont know any of his family or him but this boy is a blessing out of all the videos i watched about little children leaving us landan has touched me god bless him and mayhe watch over you his mom. i was watchin the video of him singing and it brang tears to my eyes because he reminds me of my god son that is fighting lupus and he to is only three god bless landan and his family Close
Sweet Angel Landan  / Kathy Barton (Jocelyn's Facebook friend )  Read >>
Sweet Angel Landan  / Kathy Barton (Jocelyn's Facebook friend )

You are in my thought's and prayer's. I lit a candle in memory of your Angel Landan. Sending love and hugs to you.

Thinking of you on your 4th angelversary  / Kerin Lee (Friend of the family )  Read >>
Thinking of you on your 4th angelversary  / Kerin Lee (Friend of the family )
I feel so blessed to have walked with you Lacey during most of this journey with losing Landan. I only wish I could be there for you in person. I'd give you the biggest hug you've ever had. I think you are an amazing Mama and Landan is so blessed to have a Mama who loves him so much! I'm always in awe at just how many people know Landan's name and his story. You've taught me to love my children more hug them tighter and be more patient with them. I love you like a sister Lacey and I'll NEVER forget Landan.

Footprints On My Heart

"Little angel bebe of mine
Sometimes I wonder what to do?
Do you see me crying here
Just trying to make it through?

I've heard of the 'Footprints In The Sand'
But what about the footprints on my heart?
I dreamed prayed and wished for you
But now we're forced to be apart.

You live your life in Heaven now
But in my arms is where you belong
I try so hard to be brave for you
But I don't know if I'm that strong.

The day God took you away
A part of me died inside.
Everyone will know your name
My love for you I'll never hide."

Love "Aunt Kerin" Close
Sweet Angel  / Jennifer Bailey   Read >>
Sweet Angel  / Jennifer Bailey
I saw your comments on Molly's facebook page... and on your site I saw a link to this page. Your lil boy was an angel here on earth it seems who was called home too soon. I am a mother of two boys and I couldn't begin to imagine going through what you and your family has endured. You are sooooooooooooooooooooooooo very strong! *hugs* Tears were streaming down my face reading your beautiful page on here. Especially your experience with the tariot cards. Amazing! I'll never understand why god calls home our loved ones soo soon. Its never easy enduring the loss of a loved ones.. no matter the age.... as i've had a very hard few years coping with the loss of my grandmother.  I know you have a sweet guardian angel watching over you :) My heart goes out to you and your loved ones! *hugs* Close
'On My First Sonne'  / Georgia Hardwicke (None)  Read >>
'On My First Sonne'  / Georgia Hardwicke (None)

I actually stumbled upon this page by mistake however I felt the need to provide you with a poem which helped me with the loss of a loved one.

On My First Sonne by: Ben Jonson (1572-1637)

I hope you understand it.

From a Compassionate Friend  / Sarah Binger James (none)  Read >>
From a Compassionate Friend  / Sarah Binger James (none)
Dear Lacey I am a friend of Jocelyn Fiorello and saw your story via her Facebook page. There was a time that I would have been hopelessly jealous of you and Landan. You see my son Isaac was born on augustus 21st 2003 just a few days after Landan. He died from a silly accident on Januari 28th 2004 at age five months. Every once in a while I meet a child that should be Isaac's peer and shudder. I so wish that I could have spared you the pain of losing Landan. Know that I too wonder what having a little first grader in my household this year would be like. So many imaginary milestones. I know that it has been almost four years since you constructed this web page and some of the raw emotion that you had when writing your story may have dissipated. However I wanted to thank you for sharing your wonderful Landan and stories of how he lived. Sincerely Sarah (a|k|a "Isaacsmom" at TCF) Close / Karen Jenkins (another grieving parents )  Read >> / Karen Jenkins (another grieving parents )
Dear Lacey: My prayers and blessings to you on this

grievous loss of your precious Angel Landen. It is so hard to lose

a child especially to such an awful bacterial infection like this.

You could not know he was so sick - it sounded like a cold and

in so many cases it would be a cold. Bless you always and

know your Baby Landan is with you always.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANGEL  / Carol Angel Michael's Mom   Read >>
HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANGEL  / Carol Angel Michael's Mom

Sending love and prayers to you as we honor your
Precious Angel Landan.
On his heavenly birthday.
A candle will burn in memory of your precious angel.
You are in my thoughts and prayers. I pray your day will be peaceful.
No matter how life changes no matter what we do.
A special place within our hearts is always kept for you.
I pray your day was peaceful and so sorry I am late.
Love you.

Angel Landan family  / Jeanne Schauer (grief friend on the Groww )  Read >>
Angel Landan family  / Jeanne Schauer (grief friend on the Groww )

What a  gorgeous little angel...he is so adorable.

I am so sorry for your loss...and what all you went thru.

I know what it is like to think it's something simple..when it is not...

our daughter Deanne passed from blood clots to her lungs..we also thought she had something like maybe facthad been to the dr and that is what he said.

   I believe totally what your psychic told you.. I do believe our angels look in on us...


(mother of angel Deanne)

Beautiful Angel  / Leslie Weddle (friend)  Read >>
Beautiful Angel  / Leslie Weddle (friend)

I am so sorry about Landon. He is a beautiful boy! I have probably met you in the Groww chatroom and we have chatted from time to time. I lost my daughter Kayla going on five years now. The loss of a child is the worst thing anyone can endure and my heart goes out to your family and you.

 I watched Kayla go from happy and excited the afternoon that she died to watching her little life taken by 10 pm that night because her heart had failed because of some psych drugs that she was prescribed. I still have yet to figure out why and what her death is supposd to teach me. I have met other parents who have lost child due to the side effects from psych drugs and I hope I have save another child's life.

I will keep you and your family in my prayers. The pain of losing a child is always so painful and the pain never goes away. Take care.


Leslie Weddle

Through Blue's Memorial on Critters  / Charles E. Padilla   Read >>
Through Blue's Memorial on Critters  / Charles E. Padilla
Dear Lacey ... I came upon Blue's memorial on Critters and read all about Blue and wanted to come over to Landan's memorial and tell you how truly sorry I am for your loss.

Though devastating to you and your family .. you have a new baby .. and I truly believe that Landan sent this precious new baby to you.

Always cherish those beautiful memories of Landan.  As I read his entire memorial and videos ... the tears were flowing ... because I could just "read" and "feel" the love you both shared.

Cherish those memories as they can never be taken away.
Condolenses for the loss of Landan Harris  / Janice Giampaoli (Through Blue on )  Read >>
Condolenses for the loss of Landan Harris  / Janice Giampaoli (Through Blue on )

Dearest Lacey

Thank you for posting Landan's memorial site on Blues memorial on critters.  What a truly heartbreaking story.  It must have torn you up to pieces for a very long time.  Still I bet you think of your angel every single day with much love and deepest affections.  Landan was a beautiful boy Lacey.  I am so terribly sorry for your loss. Landan is in God's loving hands with Blue where they will both spend eternity without a care in the world (so to speak) and in complete and total happiness and peace.  I can see Landan and Blue in my mind playing together happily and having one heck of a great time together as forever friends and companions.  Much love to your precious angel Landan.  My thoughts are with you Lacey. 

Lacey Harris-Wiloby  / Kristy GREEN (None)  Read >>
Lacey Harris-Wiloby  / Kristy GREEN (None)
Lacey, I was in a group along time ago with you on MSN. I am truley sorry again for your loss. I just came across this site and wanted to let you know that you are a very strong woman! Landan was the cutest little boy and I can remember all the good happy memories you loved to share with us! He will forever be missed!! I just wanted to tell you COngratulations to you and your family for the safe arrival of Layne. He is definitly a beautiful little boy... You and your family will always be in my thoughts and I am glad to hear you are doing better:) Take care and forever be strong:) xoxo Close
You will be missed  / Tiffany-Rachelle Burgess ((passerby))  Read >>
You will be missed  / Tiffany-Rachelle Burgess ((passerby))

Landon, you will be missed always. You are such a sweet little boy. i was looking through your videos and pics and just could not help the tears in my eyes. landon you are a great big brother, and doing a great job watching over mommy. You will always be in my prayer sweet baby boy. I love you Landon.

Special Gift of God (Haydens Mommy)  / Ruth Link   Read >>
Special Gift of God (Haydens Mommy)  / Ruth Link
please know that i am thinking of you and praying for heart felt sympathy is with you and your has been 4 yrs for us and this time of year is especially difficult.We lost our little boy on November 2004 and even tho it has been 4 yrs,the pain is still there.i will continue to keep you in my prayers and just know that sweet little angel Landan is up there watching over you and looking down on you.May you find comfort knowing other people are there for you and praying for you,even if you have never met them ,anyone who has lost a child can feel your grief and can understand more than anyone.may God bless you all and wrap his arms tightly around you and comfort you all. Close
Thinking of you Landan  / Jenny Tavendale Mum To Ross   Read >>
Thinking of you Landan  / Jenny Tavendale Mum To Ross


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